Subtropics: Hustlers, Students, and Juicy Fruits Heat Up

Subtropics: Hustlers, Students, and Juicy Fruits Heat Up

Kenn Dahll

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In Summer Afternoon Delight, a naked young man slumbers by the pool of a gay clothing optional apartment complex on a hot and humid South Florida day when Skip, a young, hung, god-like neighbor takes a swim. Does he also take the slumbering nudist to heights of sexual frenzy or is it all a dream?

A young straight doctor hesitatingly picks up a twink with car trouble in rural western Palm Beach County. Before the day is over, the teenaged student seduces the doctor and a sexual frenzy ensues. Read the entire erotic encounter in The Stranded Twink: A Tale of Two Virgins

Sexy Guys Walking describes the various walking styles of twinks. My favorite sex partners are those who lope rather than strut, swish, or engage otherwise in pedestrian activity. Carlos was a loper and my ploy to snare him and get into his ass was successful; or was he wise to me all along?

A wealthy forty-something gay man decides that Playing with Hustlers would provide an evening’s entertainment. A little bondage, a couple of sex toys and some deftly applied electric current ensure he gets his money’s worth from the two twinks.

Frat Boy Bullies on Spring Break meet a high school dropout picking up trash at an ocean-side resort. Was the eighteen year old Midwesterner gang banged by the fraternity brothers or did his darkest fantasies come to life?

A cute thin young male with a long, fat, uncut cock oozing precum, that’s what I call a Juicy Fruit. Devon is a really succulent juicy fruit, handcuffed naked to my bed with a vibrating chrome egg up his asshole; and I’m about to devour him.

In Boxer Boi I have the hots for a sexy Latino bartender who wears low-slung cargo shorts exposing six inches of his boxers and a little ass crack. How I get into those shorts is fodder for one sexy story.

These and six other equally erotic stories set in sultry South Florida comprise this collection by the author of Getting Wet in the Mall and Soaring with a Hawk.

This title contains graphic language, m/m sex, bondage, sex toys and elements of nonconsent.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
CATEGORIES: Anthology, Contemporary, Erotica, ManLove
KEYWORDS: Gay, Erotica, Anthology

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EBOOKS BY Kenn Dahll

COPYRIGHT Kenn Dahll/2009

Memorial Day weekend, the start of the summer season in South Florida and it’s already too hot and humid to do more than lie on a lounge chair by the empty pool. I’m a pale-skinned redhead living in a small gay apartment complex with a clothing optional pool. So, of course, I’m naked, lying on my back, in the shade of an awning. A light breeze is coming from the ocean a few blocks away. I’m getting drowsy, maybe I’ll take a brief nap. As I close my eyes, Skip, from an apartment on the second floor, comes downstairs and dives into the pool. At nineteen he’s the youngest tenant in the complex. At twenty-seven, I’m the oldest. His sleek, firm, tanned body cuts sinuously through the azure water, his thick, uncut dick hanging down like a rudder with a stocking cap. Short-cropped blond hair is plastered to his head, but his body is hairless otherwise. “The twink probably waxes it off weekly,” is my last conscious thought before I drift off into slumber land.

As I sleep, I dream-of Skip. His wet body rises from the pool like Venus from the ocean, without the half shell and with his arms. Water drips from his hair like rhinestones from a drag queen’s costume. Arms extended like a bird of prey’s wings, he moves towards me in slow motion, and then he sits astride my hips. I feel like Ganymede dominated by the swan. Without preamble, he’s got both of our almost identical, nine inches long, fat cocks in his hands stroking them to fully erect glory. “Aahh!” I sigh dreamily. Fortunately Skip is on the thin side, at five-feet ten inches he only weighs one hundred-fifty pounds, so the weight on my thighs is not excessive. The blond twink leans forward and, still double dick stroking, kisses me firmly on the lips. I can feel his hot tongue probing at my lips until I allow it into my mouth. I suck on his hard, raspy tongue as it explores my oral cavity. My balls are tingling and tightening up against the base of my thick dick as I approach orgasm. Skip, seeing or sensing my perilously precipitous position, backs off the French kiss, and releases my precum slickened shaft. I retreat from the verge.


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