Rough Rides

Rough Rides


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It isn’t just the act of sex that can be rough for a gay male-the relationships involved and the whole circumstance in which one male comes together with another (or more than one) male to satisfy basic hungers can be explosive in both physical and emotional terms. In this compendium of forty-two stories, both new and previously published, habu hones in on giving readers some scintillating examples of tales and circumstances-and sexual acts-that are on the rougher side in more than one dimension. This collection isn’t for the faint of heart-but it’s a must read for those who like their GM stories rough and raw, both physically and emotionally.

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WORD COUNT: 134384
CATEGORIES: Anthology, Contemporary, Erotica, ManLove

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I did not connect the suggestive attentions of the butcher, Saam Bleecker, with the dangers of that night coupling until a week later when I returned to our cabin earlier than usual to retrieve paper and pen for Galo, who was engaged in some computations of supplies for Batavia’s captain, Francisco Pelsaert, and heard sounds coming from Bleecker’s cabin that were very like what I wanted to make whenever Galo imprisoned my mouth to prevent me from making. The sounds were in a much deeper voice than mine, but they unmistakably spoke of sex. The door was ajar and I could not help but look into the cabin. A young seaman, of no greater age than I was who I knew to be named Also, as we had had some pleasant conversations, was seated on Bleecker’s bed, his shoulder blades digging into the rough timbers of the curved ship’s siding, his doublet ripped open to expose his heaving chest, and his lower extremities naked. His legs were thrown out wide and his hips turned up. Bleecker, his back to me and his breeches discarded on the decking, was crouched between Also’s flung legs and was fucking into Also with long, rapid strokes. The butcher had his hands around Also’s neck in a chokehold that was leaving Also nearly breathless.

The expression on Also’s face was of mixed signaling, his cheeks had a bluish tinge and his tongue was hanging out, but there was such a smile of satisfaction on his lips and a flash to brilliance in his eyes that I knew that, as cruelly as Bleecker was fucking him, Also was being transported into another, more glorious world than the stinking bowls of the Batavia.

I felt my cock rising in arousal, but I also felt my body shudder and go all atremble. I couldn’t take my eyes off the brutal but exotic and totally sexual taking for some moments, but with a moan of fear I pulled myself away and retrieved Galo’s writing implements and went back up on deck by a different route.

That was not the last time I saw Bleecker fucking Also, though, and Also always came back for more cruelty, which left me in a quandary of just what was the nature of what a man could do brutally to another man and still have the power to bring his prey back to him. I could not get out of my mind another scene in which I saw Also bent over the bed, with Bleecker fucking him hard from behind and pulling on a leather belt he’d looped around Also’s neck and slapping Also hard on the bare buttocks-almost as if Bleecker was riding Also hard in a full-out gallop across the flat plains of northern Germany.

But from that moment forward, when Bleecker touched me and looked into my eyes in a special, questioning way, although I moved away from him as quickly and unobtrusively as I could, I was atremble not only with the fear of what he might say of what he’d heard between Galo and me in our cabin but also with the fear of my going with him to be able to feel the ecstasy of the rough fuck that Also seemed to seek-and the even greater fear that I would enjoy it and seek it henceforth as Also did.


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