Hot, Naughty, and Nice

Hot, Naughty, and Nice

Vida Zen

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Christmas is the season of giving. It’s also the season for spending time with the ones you love. In this anthology, you’ll find three erotic tales of love and lust.

The first story, “A Christmas Wish” by Dakota Trace revolves around Lauren and her desire to have a threesome with her step-brother and his best friend. A little magic from Santa and Mrs. Claus might help Lauren get her wish.

The second story, “Holiday Auction” by Vivian Vincent touches on a tough as nails PR director and her idea to have an auction for charity. When a co-worker places the winning bid on her, she realizes he’s exactly who she wants under her tree for Christmas.

The third story, “One Hot Christmas” by Milena Gomez focuses on Gaby and her anguish over her troubled marriage. With a little help from Santa and his son, she and her husband may be able to rekindle their lost passion.

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CATEGORIES: Anthology, Contemporary, Erotica, Holidays

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Excerpt from A Christmas Wish by Dakota Trace:

Kris dropped in on Garth later in the night after the house had settled down for the evening. The boy is a good enough lad, he’ll be the perfect balance for Jeremiah.

From the sounds coming from his bed, Kris came close to interrupting Garth’s sole session.

The lad was busy stroking his meat and fantasizing about his sexy older sister. Kris could tell he was nearing release and decided to wait until the lad was done. Interrupting the lad will only result in blue balls, and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Within minutes the young man was twisting on his bed, muttering to himself.
“Damn it, Lauren, yes! Take my cum!” His fist flew up and down his exploding rod. Kris watched with envy as he deposited a large load on his flat stomach. As the boy lay panting, Kris stepped out of the shadows.

“How would you like that to be real, Garth?”

Garth’s head turned towards the voice. Standing a few feet from his bed was an older man.

“Who are you and how the hell did you get in here?” Grabbing the sheet, Garth covered himself before swinging his legs over the side of the bed.

“You can call me Kris. You never answered me Garth - would you like what you just experienced to be real?”

“What?” Garth raked a hand across his face before focusing on the man. His visitor was dressed in blue jeans, a tight black shirt and had a well-trimmed white beard and mustache.

“It’s pretty simple. Lauren has been a naughty little girl and I decided she deserves to have her Christmas wish fulfilled. Do you have any idea what it is she wants?”

“Lauren asked you? Why would she do that?”

“Why not? Doesn’t everyone ask Santa for something?”

“You’re Santa? Come on man, Santa doesn’t exist!” Garth stood, wiped the remnants of his spending from his chest, then wrapped the sheet around his waist.

“Ah, the innocence of youth gone. But if you were still innocent enough to believe in me then I wouldn’t be here. These wishes are for adults only!”

“So if you’re who you say you are, tell me what’d she ask for?”

“She wants an entire night alone with you and your best friend.”

“For what?”

“Don’t be dumb, son. Your stepsister wants you and Jeremiah to fuck her until she can’t see straight. She wants a ‘ménage-a-trois’.”


Excerpt from Holiday Auction by Vivian Vincent:

Jackie was ready to give up the fight. She knew she had to conduct herself professionally in front of everyone, so she decided a more private setting would be best. Before she pulled away from Dean, she whispered in his ear, “My office, ten minutes.”

She walked away and left him standing there, a look of total shock on his face. He watched as she walked to the entrance then disappeared around the corner. He took a few steps to the nearest chair and slumped down into it, still staring in wonder at the entrance.

Jackie made her way back to her office quickly. The feeling of Dean’s body pressed against hers sent her libido into overdrive. Even though the temperature throughout the building was comfortable, Jackie felt her nipples harden and felt the coolness of her damp panties between her legs.

There was no question in her mind what would happen once Dean showed up in her office. She needed to get laid, plain and simple. She figured since Dean seemed so willing, he’d be the best candidate.

She reached her office and tossed her small clutch purse on the desk. She wiggled out of her pantyhose and panties then pulled her dress over her head to remove her strapless bra. She pulled her dress back on and tossed all the clothes onto the floor next to the sofa. She knew Dean would get the message as to what she wanted.

Jackie sat seductively on the corner of her desk with one leg crossed over the other, facing the door, waiting for Dean. She glanced at the clock on the wall, seeing more than ten minutes had passed and she briefly wondered if he would show up.


Excerpt from One Hot Christmas by Milena Gomez:

Day in and day out, as my loneliness grew I pondered over the conversation with my friends, the dream and the business card of Kris Krangle which Vanessa had given me a week ago. Frank had become a hardcore workaholic and this alone was endangering our marriage. He always seemed too tired for this and I was too unhappy for that.

After I’d heard the beep indicating the end of the message, which wasn’t the first one I had gotten throughout the year, I knew it was finally time to call Kris.

“Don’t wait up for me tonight, my ass.” I returned to the couch and reached for the phone. “Of course I won’t wait up for you Frank! I’ll buy myself a fucking dildo by then!”

As I dialed, I had to take long deep breaths and tell myself to calm down. Kris might pick up on my anger and hang up on me. I feared the worst, hoping against hope he would save my marriage before it was too late. The phone rang about five times and then I heard panting along with moans and groans.

“Fuck.” I was about to hang up, but brought the phone back to my ear. It was a husky male voice and he invaded my fantasies as well as teased my ears with his unapologetic sex talk. I immediately felt my arousal heighten. Moisture gathered between my legs. I flattened my right hand over my fully clad womanhood.


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