Coming Together: For Gabrielle

Coming Together: For Gabrielle

Alessia Brio

Coming Together

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Coming Together: For Gabrielle is a multi-author anthology of sensual fiction & poetry edited by EPPIE Award-winning author, Alessia Brio.

100% OF YOUR PURCHASE PRICE benefits BLISS, the U.K.’s premature baby charity. Please visit for more information about the Coming Together series!

NOTE: This title is largely comprised of poetry, and while it contains adult subject matter, none it is explicit.


Introduction (Alessia Brio); I Believe (Luna Fae); The Tiny Angel (Scarlett Doutant); Prayer to My Goddess (Blackie Malone); I Just Found Out Today (Severus Max); Particulate (Harry Legg); One Small Angel (Cadin Black); Unicorn (J. McPherson); Wild Child (Vana LaFayette); A Poem for Your Children (Deanna Redd); You Are Not Forgotten (Gabrielle Miel); There's Fire in My Heart (Carolyn Heat); Love and Snow (Blackie Malone); Father (Sherry Hawk); Les Feuilles Mortes (Aurora Black); Dark and Lonely (Tex Randall); My Perfect Child (Will Belegon); The Last Dance (Rachelle Le-Monnier); Lament (Vana LaFayette); Defenseless (Will Belegon); quest (Alessia Brio); Grampa's Little Man (George Box); a rose (R. Feeëriek); Spirit Friend (Deanna Redd); Mirror of Justice (Will Amado); Is there a dragonfly on your shirt? (Eliza Linh); Light Eternal (D.Spike Winters); Decisions (Alessia Brio); Whispers of a Memory (Amaya Dai); Binky Biter (George Box); I Alone (Sherry Hawk); This Moment in Love (Fallon Grays); Thought I Knew (J. McPherson); dream coding (Alessia Brio); Sanctuary (Vana LaFayette); Light (Jamison Landry); Duerma con los Angelitos (Nina Pulsipher); Tomorrow, My Babies (Helaine Christopher)

PUBLISHED BY: Coming Together
CATEGORIES: Anthology, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: anthology, romance, poetry, sensual, charity

EBOOKS BY Coming Together

EBOOKS BY Alessia Brio

COPYRIGHT Alessia Brio/2007

For three days in the fall of 2006, an Internet writers’ community came together in a heart rending vigil for a tiny baby girl, born before her time and taken from this world far too soon. In her precious hours with us, however, Gabrielle reached more hearts than most people do in decades. Her life was not measured by the number of breaths she took but by the depths of compassion she inspired.

Anyone who bore witness to this event can never again claim that online relationships are not real—or that they are in any way, shape, or form lesser than those taking place offline. The virtual candles glowed just as brightly, the e-hugs were just as warm, and the abundance of love just as palpable. I know that I, for one, will never be the same.

Many of the stories and poetry contained in this volume of Coming Together were written in the wake of Gabrielle’s passing. Unlike other volumes in the erotic cocktail series, this one is often sensual, but it is not explicit. It carries a theme of hope. Proceeds from its sale will be donated to BLISS, the U.K.’s premature baby charity.

Your purchase will help the next baby who leaves the womb too soon take more breaths and touch more lives. Thank you.

~ Alessia Brio, editor


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