The Marksman

The Marksman

Mary Winter

Nanook Warriors

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Cameron Sommers has always worked just past the borders of right and wrong. A military sniper, she retired to work on adventure tours, mostly in the Arctic looking for polar bears. When an accidental shooting left her shaken, she went back to the military, this time as a consultant for a European Forces General, and he’s sent her to the Arctic. Where she has come face-to-face with the biggest, baddest, and the sexiest bears she has ever known.

Kjell Tivet thinks the new sharpshooter is going to endanger the mission and get herself killed. How one curvy, sexy woman who is wicked good with a rifle can help them track down the Russian corporations dumping in the Arctic, is beyond him. But Kjell knows the mission, and he trusts his commanding officer to know what he’s doing. All he needs to do is keep one hot sharp shooter safe and make sure he’s not left wounded by her lethal charm.

PUBLISHED BY: Pink Petal Books
ISBN: 9780982488584
CATEGORIES: Action/Adventure
KEYWORDS: polar bears, shape shifters, Arctic, military



COPYRIGHT Mary Winter/2009

Cam looked up at Bjorn and Kjell as they entered the room. As always, a tiny flare of arousal wound through her at the sight of Bjorn’s second-in-command. Though he deferred to Bjorn, Kjell took over the room, easily claiming a prime spot at the table. Trent moved aside to make room for him, the jovial Canadian one of the bright spots on the team. The twins, Marc and Hans, made an imposing pair, though at the moment they consulted maps and notations of local polar bear sightings.

“She’s found tracks, Sir,” Hans said, pointing to the place on the grid Cam had marked with a red dot. “The last sighting was at least five kilometers from here.” His golden blond hair and easy smile brightened the room like the sun.

Cam sensed an attention on her so intent, the hairs on the back of her neck rose. She’d been eye-to-eye with wild animals before, staring at them from her hiding place, and the knowledge that life, and death, hung in the balance created the same anticipatory feeling. She fought the goose bumps rising on her skin.

“Cam?” Kjell asked.

She blinked and pulled out of her reverie. Funny how this European Forces unit set off all her hot spots. She’d been around military men before. Even did some work for a small guerilla force in Russia...Kjell’s demeanor hit every feminine nerve in her body and all of them wanted to scream “take me.” Too bad he didn’t see things the same way or they both could have been pleasantly diverted from the cold and lonely place.

“I’m sorry. You were saying?”

A predatory smile curved his sensual lips. “I asked if you’d followed the tracks to their end.”

“Yeah, and that’s the weird part. They just disappeared.” She paused, wondering how much to say. The tracks looked like the ones I’d encountered in Canada from a polar bear shifter. Where bear prints ended, human ones began. They already thought her strange. She couldn’t say shit like that here.

Kjell cocked his head to one side. Had he been a bear, she would have sworn he was sniffing the air. He shared a glance with Bjorn.

“Disappeared?” Hans asked. “But where would a polar bear go?”

“A male polar bear, probably around twelve hundred pounds and moving approximately four miles per hour. As to where he’d go, that’s why I want to see the surveillance tapes. Where his prints end there appears to be a large churned up area of snow. It’s possible he followed the tracks of your vehicle, though I saw no signs of claws or other marring to indicate that had happened.” Cam answered.

A surprised look flashed across Kjell’s face.

Jackass. Though she’d been here only two weeks, they’d done little of the actual work on her mission papers, hooking up with some sort of Russian Corporation. She fixed Bjorn with a steady stare. “I want the surveillance tapes, and I’d love for some remote cameras to be setup.”

“Where do you think the bear went?” Bjorn crossed his arms over his chest, giving the appearance of an immovable glacier.

Cam shrugged. “You tell me. All refuse is on the other side of the compound in containers so bear-proof it’s hard for humans to get into them. No food. To him this place reeks of humans. With no subjective evidence of any bears getting this close before, I want those cameras. It’s possible our male encountered something and was driven here.”

“Our male, huh?” Kjell questioned.

Cam tapped the map. “I want those cameras. And he’s ours because he came close to your compound and I saw the tracks.”

Kjell coughed, the noise sounding suspiciously like laughter.

“Do you have a problem with this?” Cam barked. “With me?”

She balled her hand into a fist and pounded it on the table. One minute he acted all macho about how they didn’t need cameras, the next he sounded as if he was mocking her. “Vik sent me here to help you guys. I want the surveillance, and if I think it’s going to help then I need it done.”

“Kjell,” Bjorn warned.

“Sorry, something caught in my throat,” he said.

“Yeah, your foot,” Cam mumbled.


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